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Cherry Blossoms and Illumination at the Nagoya Zoo Botanical Garden

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A wide variety of cherry blossoms decorate the park of the Higashiyama Botanical Garden (Nagoya Zoo), about 1,000 cherry trees of 100 varieties bloom from mid-March to the end of April annually in the city of Nagoya, Aichi.

When the botanical garden opened in 1937, many cherry blossoms were planted, making it one of the best and most beautiful places to enjoy cherry blossoms in the region. Higashiyama Botanical Garden is the 13th most popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Aichi Prefecture. In mid-April you can see the yellow-green Gyoiko, the dark red Kanzan, and in late April the Kenrokuen Kikuzakura, which has over 200 petals. We can also see the Yoshino cherry tree in front of Kitazono Kabasha which is about 13 meters tall and has a trunk circumference of about 170 cm.

At dusk, you can enjoy the lighting of the beautiful cherry flowers, there are about 1.000 cherry trees illuminated an incredible and impressive view.

But in fact, there are three illuminated Araes:

1) The greenhouse with the western style garden

2) area of bamboo forest

3) cherry corridor


Bamboo woods

Cherry flower corridor

After 4:50 pm, the zoo area and some areas of the botanical garden will be closed. Only the Botanical Garden Gate and Hoshigaoka Gate entrance will remain open and will close at 7:30 pm.

  • Date: mid -March the end of April (may vary slightly depending on the weather conditions).
  • Type: About 1.000 cherry trees of 100 varieties (double cherry, kawazu, Someyoshino, crying and wild).
  • Location: Nagoya Zoo.
  • Hours: 9:00 to 16: 50hr.
  • Entry Fee: Adults 500 Ienes / Free Children.
  • Lighting: beginning of April.
  • Hours: From dusk at 20:30.
  • Access: by gate Hoshigaoka Higashiyama.
  • Visitors: About 120.000 people visit.
  • Parking: Available (depending on the place the price varies).
  • WC: Available

Aichi Nagoya Chikusa kun Uedayama Tenpakucho Oaza Ueda

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