Haken Shain (派遣社員) Outsourced Employees

Haken Shain is the worker hired by Haken Gaisha and assigned to another company. It is one of the indirect employment modalities, as well as the ¨Ukeio Roodoosha¨ in which the person is hired by the contractor.

They are employees sent to work in companies (factories and others), usually sent by contractors (human resources). Contractors, as the legal employers of outsourced employees (haken Shain), are also responsible for the following charges and obligations.

  • Sign the employment contract, as an employer
  • Pay wages
  • Enroll the employee in social insurance (shakai hoken)
  • Paying paid vacations and per diem for employees who are not working or who have been laid off, even temporarily, by the factories where they worked.

Pursuant to Article 40 of the Contractor Workers Law, the factory may hire outsourced labor for 1 year, with an extension for up to 3 years. After three years, if the factory wants to continue with the same employee, it will be obliged to hire him directly.

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