Hattasan Soneiji Temple

Hattasan Soneiji (法 多山 尊 永 寺), is a large Buddhist temple, with nearly 1,300 years of history, built in Fukuroi City in Shizuoka Prefecture in the year 725 by order of the 45th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Shomu.

This temple is considered to be a temple that attracts good luck and to rid evil and ward off bad luck. People travel from far away, especially in the New Year, to pray for protection and luck. In the first week of each year, crowds climb the stairs to light incense and pray, to start the year with good luck.

In Hattasan temple there is the consecrated statue of Avalokitesvara carved by the priest Gyoki, in addition to the five temple bells and the gate are recognized as Important Cultural Heritage.

Every year, from May to August, there is the Wind Bell Festival (it happens), where the sound of the wind echoes beautifully.

Date: end of May to end of August

Opening hours: 8:30 to 16:30

Photographer/ Hashiguti Augusto

In the spring cherry blossom season, the Temple attracts many visitors, the view from the temple changes drastically as the 700 cherry blossoms bloom.

In summer, we have the Mantousai Festival, Festival of Ten Thousand Lights with lanterns that create a dazzling atmosphere when the entire area is lit by lanterns. And the Wind Bell Festival with approximately 2,000 colorful wind chimes sway from the mountain gate to the main hall, when the wind blows, colorful bells dance and vibrate in the fresh wind.

At the end of the year, autumn leaves (momiji) light up the ancient temple, approximately 3,500 autumn leaves welcome all visitors.

Opening hours: 8:30 to 16:30

Parking: 200 yen

Shizuoka-ken Fukuroi-shi Toyosawa 2777

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