Kita Enterprises and Associates

Company founded in 5/2005 in the city of Joso Mitsukaido at the service of the Brazilian and foreign community.

Business Phone: 0297-22-3094

Contact Phone: 090-8159-4598

Ibaraki-ken Joso-shi Takamachi Mitsukaido 2861-2

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday and Holidays: Closed

Technical assistance

Sale of equipment and peripherals.

The number 1 store in the Foreign community.

Call now: 0297-22-3094 / 090-8159-4598

Purchase the property of your dreams with the entrance fee of ¥ 0.

Banking, construction and engineering support with translator.

The lowest rates on the market.

Call now: 0297-22-3094 / 090-8159-4598

Ibaraki-ken Joso-shi Mitsukaido Takara machi 2861-2

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