Koubousan Henjouin Temple – Chiryu City

Koubousan Henjoin Temple

It is a temple with many Buddhas and Gods. In Japan there are many Buddhas and you can find almost all Buddhas and Gods in this Temple. The ceremony (Hatsu Koubou Daihannya Goma Kitoukau) or prayer mass for the Buddhas and Gods is held every year. It is a traditional event in the city of Chiryu.

Hatsu Koubou Daihannya Goma Kitoukai

It is a day of prayer held at Koubousan Henjouin Temple. Every year in March the event (Mass) is held, where the Shinto priests perform the ceremony of requests and wishes of everyone for the Buddhas and Gods.
This ceremony has been performed since ancient times in Japan. On the 21st of January in the ancient calendar which corresponds this year to the 8th of March.
The ceremony starts at 9:00 and runs until 14:00. People of all ages attend this event to thank and make their requests, such as a better life, protection, health, money, etc.

Inside and outside the temple there are several statues of Buddhas

• 子 育 弘法 大師 Kosodate Kobo Daishi: Children’s Buddha, for the protection and health of children or to help you get pregnant.
• 水 子 堂 Mizukodou: Buddha of children who dies in childbirth or before birth.
• 弁 天堂 Bentendou: Buddha of merchants, to attract many customers.
• 薬 師 堂 Yakushidou: Buddha, if you have a health problem such as an organ that stops working, the person asked to die before the health problems got worse, and many others.

Aichi-ken Chiryu-shi Kōbōchō Kōbōyama 19

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