Kuragari Valley – Kuragari keikoku

The Kuragari Valley (く ら が り 渓 谷) is located in Okazaki City, Aichi. It is a camping site where in spring you can enjoy the fresh air and with several birds singing and in summer the autumn leaves color the mountain red and yellow.
In this valley you can enjoy camping, barbecue, river diving and fishing. It is a beautiful forest with beautiful waterfalls.
The campsite has facilities such as shower, changing room, toilet, water and electricity. If you like camping during the weekend, it’s best to make reservations in advance.

Trout Fishing: Every year between May and October.

Trout fishing or manual fishing by hand are typical features of the Kuragari Valley, especially popular with children!

  • Hand-caught trout: 3.000 yen (7 fish)
  • Fishing rod + bait rental: 3.000 yen
  • Additional fishing rod: 200 yen
  • Additional Bait: 300 yen
  • To use the store’s barbecue grill: 150 yen (per fish)
  • Opening hours: 9:00 to 15:00.

Barbecue: Barbecue and ordering of ingredients

Cost of outdoor barbecue for up to 12 people: 300 yen.

Barbecue for up to 12 people: 1.000 yen.

Charcoal: 2 kg 600 yen.

You can bring the meat from the barbecue or buy it here.

Valley barbecue tray 1.500 yen: 100g pork, 100g chicken + vegetables.
Valley barbecue tray 2.000 yen: 100g beef, 100g pork + vegetables.
Valley barbecue tray 3.000 yen: 200g beef, 200g pork, 100g chicken + vegetables.

Huts: Bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator and futons, so you can have great comfort! Perfect for groups and families.

Big Huts

For 5 people: 15.000 yen.
For 7 people: 19.000 yen.

Small Huts

For 7 people: 7.000 yen.

Mountain Huts

For 12 people: 11.000 yen.


Local Rent (block) bringing your tent: 3.500 yen.
Local rent (local 3.500) + valley tent rent (1.000): 4.500 yen.
Shower bath: 200 yen per person.


Kuragari keikoku

Free entrance

Parking: Free (300 cars)

Business Hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Reservation Phone (Japanese): 0564-83-2057

Aichi-ken Okazaki-shi Ishihara-cho Makibarahikage 2-2

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