Mandatory Document by Law – Zairyu Card

Did you know that those who are not carrying the Zairyu Card (Resident Card), by law have to pay a fine of up to 200.000 yen or face imprisonment (and if sentenced to prison, you will be deported). Just because you are not carrying the Zairyu Card.

The Zairyu card is the mandatory document by law

In Japan, all foreign residents over the age of 16 are required to carry the Zairyu Card with them at all times in order to prove their residency status. If you are caught without it, it is an offense punishable by law. You can be fined up to 200.000 yen if you don’t have a Zairyu Card, and if you refuse to present the card, you could face a sentence of up to one year in prison (and if you are sentenced to prison, you will be deported).

Penalty for not presenting or not having the Zairyu Card in hand

  • A person who refuses to present the Zairyu Card will be sentenced to less than one year in prison and deported or a fine of less than 200.000 yen.
  • In case the Zairyu Card is lost, the holder will have a period of up to 14 days from the date he notices the loss, to request the reissue of the document at the local immigration office.

It is mandatory to have the zairyu card with you

The Ministry of Justice explains that the Zairyu Card will contain important up-to-date information on foreigners and it will be a way for foreigners to easily prove that they have a legal residence permit.

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