Peruvian arrested in Nagoya on suspicion of assaulting and injuring a taxi driver


On November 7, Peruvian Kuya Fukui Carlos Jutal, 24, assaulted and injured a taxi driver in Atsuta-ku, in the city of Nagoya. The security camera recorded the entire history of the crime.

At 6:31 am on November 7, Peruvian Carlos took a taxi in Naka-ku, Nagoya. He looked like he was drunk, staggering and lying in the car seat. The taxi driver even opened the door for him to throw up.

Then the Peruvian got out of the car without paying, the taxi driver chased him and they got into conflict, the Peruvian crashed and threw the taxi driver on the floor. The Peruvian was arrested (today) on November 30 for theft and assault.

He fled after assaulting and injuring the 63-year-old taxi driver who had a bruise on his brain, so as not to pay for the ticket, which cost only 610 yen.

The police identified Carlos by the images from the security camera recorder.

In response to the investigation, Carlos denied the charges, saying: “I got out of the taxi without paying because the driver told me to get out.” He also said, I pushed and kicked, but I didn’t hit his face.

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