Seven Waterfall of Kawazu City – Nanadaru Kawazu

Izu Peninsula. The pure waters of the Kawazu River descend from the Amagiso mountain range and form the seven falls. There’s a great trail that leads from one waterfall to another and it’s an easy walk of an hour or two (depending on the person).

The waterfalls flow from the Kawazu River and their name ends with “daru”, which means barrel in Japanese, the 7 waterfalls are: Odaru, Kanidaru, Kamadaru, Ebidaru, Hebidaru, Deaidaru and Shokeidaru.

The valleys and waterfalls are registered as part of the Kawazu Nanadaru Geographical Site, where you can walk and enjoy nature, there are several statues along the trail representing the heroine of the little story Izu no Odoriko and the Amagi Tunnel. The highest waterfall is a splendor 30 meters high.


Kamadaru Waterfall

It is a mighty waterfall that falls heavily from the top of a rock, as if it were flowing from a volcano. It is the second tallest waterfall among the seven with a height of 22 meters and about 2 meters wide.

Prawn Waterfall (Ebidaru)

The waterfall is so named because it resembles the tail of a shrimp. You can see this shape from the top of the suspension bridge, which is 5 meters high and about 3 meres wide.

Snake Waterfall (Ebidaru)

It is a waterfall that looks like snake scales, it was named as snake waterfall, with a height of 3 meters and about 2 meters wide.

Shokeidaru Waterfall

It is a waterfall with white flow and a bronze statue of Izu, which harmonizes well with nature, creating the friendliness of Izu Odoriko. A famous waterfall, widely used in movie and soap opera sets, 10 meters high and about 7 meters wide.

Crab Waterfall (Kani-daru)

It is a waterfall with a beautiful contrast between white and green stream that flows silently in a beautiful mountain stream looking like a crab, hence it is called Crab Waterfall, with a height of 2 metres and 15 meters long.

Deai-daru Waterfall

Two streams join and form a stream of a waterfall that meet to form a strip of water 2 meters high and 2 meters wide.

Odaru Waterfall

The Odaru Waterfall has a height of 30 meters with a width of approximately 7 meters. A hot spring springs up beside the waterfalls and is used as an outdoor bath (Onsen).

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