The bereaved family visited the Nagoya Regional Immigration Office to learn about Sri Lanka’s death in immigration custody

On the 17th, a group of families visited the Nagoya Regional Immigration Office to hear explanations about the death of a Sri Lankan woman who was being held at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Office.

The Sri Lankan Wishma Sandamari (33 years old), who died in March, for not receiving treatment, despite her terrible physical condition.

On the 17th, Wishma’s younger sister and her supporters met with Taketoshi Sano, director of the Nagoya Regional Immigration Office, at 10:00 am and asked for an explanation of how she died.

In addition, on the 16th, a funeral was held in the city of Nagoya, and her sister Wayomi said she had not received an explanation about her sister’s death from the Nagoya Immigration Department.

Her younger sister, Wayomi, started to cry, asked the truth and spoke.
¨I do not believe that my sister died at the age of 33. Even after more than two months, we don’t know why she died.

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