Zairyu Card Renewal (Residence Card)

Your Residence Card (Zairyu card) must be renewed within 30 days of the expiry date printed on the card, after a period of 5 to 7 years.

  • 7 years for permanent residents.
  • 5 years for the spouse or child of a Japanese national.

IMMIGRATION – Zairyu Card Renewal Procedure

Take along:

  • 1 3 X 4cm photo
  • Passport
  • Zairyu Card
  • Fill in the ZAIRYU CARD application form. You can take the form already filled out, click on the button below to download the form in PDF.
  • Documents for the renewal of the permanent visa (this last item is not necessary for those who have a permanent visa).
  • If you cannot go in person (due to illness or other reasons), a family member over 16 years of age who lives at the same address can make the request (take the medical certificate), or a responsible person with power of attorney. In the case of power of attorney, fill in the application form and bring it along with the power of attorney.

Zairyu Card Request Form:

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