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The Japan Guide (Guia Japão) in partnership with Connection Japan ®, adopts several themes, focusing on the propagation of real news for free, for all readers, any reader or visitor can comment on the articles on this website, but they will not be tolerated. :

Comments as rated | advertisements or spam.
That are out of context (off-topic).
That have defamatory content, profanity or “disrespectful” offensive terms.
Comments that represent political, ideological and religious opinions in a way that fits the previous topics.
The user | reader | visitor cannot comment with the name of another person, institution or company.
Propagating ideas that are illegal.
Disclosure of links with the exception of links related to the content of the article.

Therefore, the administration reserves the right to exclude any comment, without prior notice, in accordance with the aforementioned criteria.

From the moment the user “comment author” posts a comment, he is responsible for the content provided there “comment”. It may, if requested, be legally liable for its statements.

This document may be updated without prior notice, a periodic review is recommended.