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Ise City │ 伊勢市

Ise (伊勢市) is a city located on the Shima Peninsula in the southern part of Mie Prefecture, the city is home to the Ise Shrines (Ise Jingu), the holiest Shinto shrines in Japan. of 124.367 inhabitants, including about 836 foreign citizens and 102 Brazilians, 334 Chinese, 77 Filipinos, 4 Peruvians…


Until November 1, 2005, the city was called Ujiyamada. From that date, it annexed the villages of Futami and Obata, along with the village of Misono, changing its name to Ise. With its beautiful natural landscape, the mix of mountains and sea, crystal-clear rivers, rich natural history and an abundance of delicious seafood, the city of Ise represents traditional Japan at its best.

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Ise Attractions

  • Married Rocks


    Meoto Iwa are two rocks in the Futami Sea in Mie-ken in Ise City. The two rocks are the symbol of marriage for the Shinto religion and are dubbed the …

  • Ninja Kingdom Ise is a theme park where you can experience the history and culture when samurai ruled the country, from the Japanese Azuchi-Momoyama era, opened in 1993 in the …

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