As flores de Mitsumata entram em plena floração de meados de março ao início de abril na montanha da cidade de Taga.

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Taga City │ 多賀町

Taga (多賀町) is located in the east of Shiga Prefecture with a total area of 135.77 square kilometers is a treasure of nature surrounded by the lush green mountains of Suzuka and the clear streams of beautiful forests.

Taga District was established on April 1, 1889 with the creation of the modern township system and developed as a shrine town of Taga Taisha, an important Shinto shrine.

Taga was part of the former province of Omi, the area was dominated by the local Taga clan from ancient times until the Sengoku period after the battle of Sekigahara the Taga clan was dispossessed and the region came under the control of the Hikone Domain under the Tokugawa shogunate from the Edo period.

Agriculture and forestry have dominated the local economy since ancient times. With a population of 7.450 inhabitants, including about 29 foreign citizens (city hall data).

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