Yamanashi (山梨県) is a Japanese prefecture located in the Chubu region of Honshu, with an area of 4.465 km² and home to many of Japan’s highest mountains such as Mount Fuji, which is Japan’s highest mountain and the country’s cultural icon, is partially located in Yamanashi Prefecture, bordering Shizuoka Prefecture.


The prefecture was renamed Kofu Prefecture in 1869 and then Yamanashi Prefecture in 1871, it is one of eight landlocked prefectures, and most of the population lives in the central Kofu basin surrounded by the Akaishi Mountains, with 27% of its area total being designated as Natural Parks.


With a population of 802.098 inhab., including about 17.163 foreign citizens, approximately 2.833 Brazilians, 673 Peruvians, 11 Argentines, 19 Paraguay, 28 Bolivia, 20 Colombia, 10 Mexico, 8 Spain, 41 Australia, 314 Americans, 665 Canada , 36 France, 31 Russia, 11 Italy, 32 Chileans, 198 Colombians, 79 Mexicans, 78 United Kingdom, 2.011 Philippines, 3.602 Chinese, 1.646 Koreans, 595 Thailand, 2.858 Vietnam, 106 Sri Lanka, 76 Mongolia, 363 Nepal, 299 India , 254 Indonesia, 69 Malaysia, 53 Pakistan, 48 Iran, 23 Cambodia, 11 Jamaica and others…


The Symbol is a combination of the shape of Mount Fuji and the map of the Provi


Chuo, Enzan, Fuefuki, Fujikawaguchiko, Fujiyoshida, Higashiyatsushiro, Hokuto, Kai, Kitatsuru, Kofu (capital), Koshu, Minami Alpes, Minamikoma, Minamitsuru, Monobu, Nakakoma, Nirasaki, Nishiyatsushiro, Otsuki, Showa, Tsuru, Uenohara, Yamanashi




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