Kota-cho │ 幸田町

Kota City(幸田) is located in the central and southern parts of Aichi Prefecture, with an area of 56.720 square meters, until 1954 Kota was called Kōda.

Kota has a blessed climate, it is a beautiful place surrounded by lush nature. Temperatures are highest in August at around 27.6 °C, and lowest in January at around 4 °C.

Kota has a population of 42.687 inhabitants, including about 1.386 foreign citizens, 20 Peruvian, 180 Brazilian, 190 Filipino, 140 Chinese, 30 Korean and others.

Kota is a manufacturing center for automotive and electronic components, especially for Toyota Corporation and related companies. One of the most important factories in Kota is Denso. Sony also owns a large R&D and manufacturing complex, Sony Kohda TEC. Agriculture is centered on greenhouse production, with strawberries as the main cash crop.

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The water flowing from Mount Toboneyama descends and flows into Oi Lagoon, transforming into a waterfall approximately 6 meters high, called Fudogataki (不動ヶ滝). Located in Kota, Aichi. The entire area …

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