Obu City │ 大府市

Obu City (大府市) is a Japanese city located in Aichi Prefecture, with a population of 92.625 inhabitants, including about 2.150 foreign nationals and 380 Brazilians, 52 Peruvians, 4 Bolivians, 14 Americans, 469 Chinese, 627 Vietnam, 387 Philippines, 231 Koreans, 18 Sri Lanka, 206 Indonesia, 71 Nepal, 8 India… (Prefecture data).

Obu village was founded in Chita district in October 1889 with the establishment of the modern township system. In May 1906, Obu annexed the neighboring villages of Yoshida, Kyowa, Kitasaka, Yokote, Nagagusa and part of Morioka village. The total area of the city is 33.66 square kilometers and it was granted city status on September 1, 1970.

The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. September is considered the wettest month. Temperatures are highest in August at around 28°C, and lowest in January at around 4°C.

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