Rose Square

Rose Squareis very famous and has about 3,300 roses of about 300 varieties planted in a land of about 9,000 square meters.

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With a total population of 18.485 inhabitants, with an estimated total of 388 foreign residents, of which 63 are Brazilians, 42 Filipinos, 135 Chinese, 84 Vietnamese, 15 Koreans, 3 Nepalese, 2 Americans, 3 Taiwanese and 41 other nationalities.

Godo │ 神戸町

Godo (神戸町) is a village located in Gifu Prefecture with an area of 18.78 square kilometers, and is known for producing flowers such as roses and alstroemeria, and vegetables such as Japanese mustard spinach.


During the post-Meiji Restoration cadastral reforms, the area was organized into Anpachi Ward, the village was established with the creation of the modern township system on April 1, 1889 (Meiji 22). Godo was elevated to village status on August 5, 1892 (Meiji 25).

The village merged with Kitahirano village on April 1, 1950 (Showa 25), then merged with Shimomiya and Minami Hirano villages on April 1, 1954. The village boundaries were expanded on April 1, 1960 (Showa 35) by the annexation of the section of Oaza Nishizakura that was part of Ono-cho, Ibi-gun, being incorporated.


The highest temperatures in Godo are around 29.7°C in August, the lowest in February reaching -7°C and the wettest month is July.

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