Spider Lily Festival
Around the yakachi river about 3 million spider lily flowers bloom, leaving the whole area dyed bright red.

Handa City │ 半田市

Handa (半田市) is a Japanese city located in Aichi Prefecture. With a population of 119.646, including about 4.336 foreign nationals and 1.910 Brazilians, 148 Peruvians, 5 Paraguayans, 15 Argentina, 60 Bolivians, 2 Chileans, 18 Americans, 526 Chinese, 280 Koreans, 767 Vietnam, 298 Filipinos, 22 Taiwan, 6 India, 72 Indonesia, 3 Iran, 1 Mongolia, 36 Nepal, 13 Sri Lanka, 3 Romania and others (Prefecture data).

During the Edo period, in the modern municipal system in October 1889, the cities of Handa and Kamezaki were founded, as well as the city of Narawa the following year. These three cities merged in October 1937 to form the city of Handa. The city has thrived on the brewing industry represented by Mitsukan vinegar since ancient times and has developed into a political, economic and cultural center.

The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. September is the rainiest month. Temperatures are highest in August at around 27.5°C and lowest in January at around 4.5°C.

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