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Inabe City │ いなべ市

Inabe City (いなべ市) is a city located in Mie Prefecture and is embraced by the Yoro Mountains in the North and the Suzuka Mountains in the West and is surrounded by lush nature and plains along the Inabe River that flows through the city center.

Inabe City was founded on December 1, 2003 by the merger of four cities Kitase-cho, Inaben-cho, Oyasu-cho and Fujiwara-cho.

With a population of 44,838 inhabitants, including about 2,185 foreign citizens, 602 Brazilians, 560 Vietnam, 311 Peru, 138 Philippines, 121 Chinese, 116 Indonesian, 74 Korean, 54 Mongolian, 35 Sri Lankan, 25 Bolivian, 20 Cambodian, 19 Nepal, 19 Thailand, 8 Pakistan, 7 American, 6 Argentinian, 5 Russian, 4 Mexican, 3 Taiwanese, 1 Australian, 1 Colombian and others (Prefectural data).

The city has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers and cold winters with little or no snowfall. September is the rainiest month. Temperatures are highest in August at around 26.4°C, and lowest in January at around 2.8°C.

Origin of city name

The origin comes from the village Inabe clan that lived there and the name of the city in hiragana was adopted because the kanji ¨Inabe¨ was difficult to read.

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