Iris Flower Festival
The iris festival takes place annually from late May to mid-June, with around 13.000 irises, the symbol of the city.

Hekinan City │ 碧南市

Hekinan (碧南市) is a Japanese city located in Aichi Prefecture. With a population of 73.209 inhabitants, including about 5.459 foreign citizens and 2.683 Brazilians, 214 Peruvians, 98 Argentines, 9 Bolivians, 3 Chileans, 303 Chinese, 8 Taiwan, 13 India, 321 Indonesia, 2 Iran, 86 Koreans, 1 Mexico, 7 Mongolia, 17 Nepal, 33 Paraguay, 538 Filipinos, 29 Sri Lanka (prefecture data).

The city of Hekinan is located 40 kilometers from the capital city Nagoya. It is a flat land composed of the Blue Sea Plateau and the Yahagi River off the coast of the Yahagi River, the Yahagi River to the east, the Port of Kinuura to the west and south, surrounded by water, and the blue marine plateau topography with an altitude of about 10 meters.

The cities of Ohama, Shinkawa and Tanao and the village of Asahi merged on April 5, 1948 to form the city of Hekinan. Hekinan was the tenth city founded in Aichi Prefecture.

On April 1, 1955, a part of the village of Meiji, now called Nishibata, was incorporated into Hekinan. Hekinan is one of the richest cities in Japan. Your financial capability index is 1.70. Components related to automobiles, metal, tiles and food processing are the main industries in the city.

The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. September is the wettest month in Hekinan. Temperatures are highest in August at around 27.6°C, and lowest in January at around 4.6°C.

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