Chiryu City │ 知立市

Chiryu (知立市) is a Japanese city located in Aichi Prefecture. It received the status of city on December 1, 1970, with a population of 71.800 inhabitants, including about 4.649 foreign citizens, being 250 Peruvians, 2.339 Brazilians, 536 Philippines, 475 Chinese, 130 Koreans (prefecture data), it is the eighth city of Aichi in number of Brazilians.

Chiryu has an infrastructure aimed at foreigners, a public school and day care center with translators and institutions such as Mirai and Moyaiko House that serve foreigners free of charge.

There is famous Festival held at Chiryu Shrine (Jinja), Chiryu Matsuri with Puppet Theater performance.

It is also has a temple with many Buddhas and Gods where every year on March 8th it holds a famous and traditional mass called Hatsu Koubou Daihannya Goma Kitoukau, where Shinto priests perform the ceremony of everyone’s requests and wishes for the Buddhas and gods.

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Chiryu City

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