Gohou Waterfalls

It consists of 5 waterfalls, the first 3 waterfalls together have a total of 80 meters.
The first waterfall is 44 meters, the second waterfall is 23 meters, the third waterfall is 13 meters,
The fourth Enmei waterfall is 20 meters and the fifth Niten waterfall is 28 meters.

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With a population of 10.167 inhabitants, including about 55 foreign nationals, of which 9 are Brazilian, 17 Chinese, 8 Korean, 7 Filipino, 2 Thai, 1 Vietnamese and others …

Yaotsu City │ 八百津町

Yaotsu (八百津町) is a city located in Kamo District in south-central Gifu Prefecture, with a total area of 128.79 square kilometers.


Approximately 80% of the city’s area is forested and formerly known as Hosome-mura, it was renamed Yaotsu-cho when the system of cities and towns was enacted in 1889.


Around this time, neighboring Wachi, Nogami, Makino, and Kamiiida merged to form Wachi Village, Ikitsushi and Nishikori merged to form Nishikitsu Village, Shiomi, Minamito, and Fukuchi Village merged to form Shionan Village.


In January 1955, with the application of the Town and Village Merger Promotion Law, Wachi Village was incorporated into Yaotsu Village and merged with Nishikitsu Village in February of the following year.The entire area of Fukuchi Village was absorbed and merged to become the current Yaotsu City.


The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. September is considered the wettest month. Temperatures are highest in August reaching 28°C, and the lowest in January reaching 2°C.

Yaotsu Attractions

Gohou Falls is a famous waterfall consisting of five waterfalls in Yaotsu City, Gifu Prefecture. The first three waterfalls are called Ichi-no-taki, Ni-no-taki and San-no-taki, and the total height of …

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