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Suzuka City │ 鈴鹿市

Suzuka (鈴鹿) is a city located in Mie Province and was granted city status on December 1, 1942.


With a total area of 194.67 km² and a population of 199.377 inhabitants, including about 8.714 foreign citizens and 855 Brazilians, 687 Koreans, 1.106 Chinese, 471 Filipinos, 1.535 Peruvians and others (prefecture data).


Suzuka has a significant industrial market, with large factories like Sharp and Honda at its limits. These companies outsource part of their work to South American nationalities (Brazilians, Peruvians…).


Although the Japanese government is encouraging compulsory teaching of the English language throughout the country, in Suzuka many courses are offered by private schools and publicly traded institutions that support Portuguese and Spanish. In a controversial action the city government body from April 2004 required that all information about garbage and local signage be in Japanese and Portuguese (in addition to English).

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