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Enjoy a boat trip through strange and mysterious rocks in the Enakyo Valley.

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With a population of 50.200 inhabitants, including about 905 foreign citizens, of which 104 are Brazilians, 6 Americans, 135 Chinese, 67 Koreans, 142 Filipinos and others…

Ena City │ 恵那市

Ena (恵 那) is a small Japanese city located in Gifu Prefecture with a total area of 504.24 km². It received city status in April 1954, due to the merger of two cities (Oi and Osashima) and six villages (Tono, Sango, Takenami, Kasagi, Nakano and Iiji) and in october 2004 five districts were annexed to the city of Ena, Akechi, Iwamura, Kamiyahagi, Kushihara and Yamaoka.


A city blessed with abundant nature, surrounded by Mount Ena in the East, Mount Yaki in the south and Mount Kasagi in the North, the rivers Kiso, Agi and Yahagi flow into the mountains, where we can enjoy beautiful landscapes in every season.


With all this, the city offers beautiful places for hiking and also beautiful boat trips.

The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. September is considered the wettest month. Temperatures are highest in august reaching 27°C, and the lowest in january reaching 2°C.

Ena Attractions

Jurou Waterfall (寿老の滝) is a beautiful 10-meter high waterfall with a strong drop, located in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture. The waterfall has a shallow basin, children and adults can enter …

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