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Shiojiri (  ) is a Japanese city located in Nagano Prefecture. The village of Shiojiri was established with the creation of the modern system of municipalities in April 1889. And in April 1959, Shiojiri annexed the villages of Kataoka, Hirooka, Souga and Chikumazi and was elevated to the rank of city. In 1960, Shiojiki lost Kitauchida village and Gakenoyu village in 1961 to Matsumoto City due to border adjustments. In June 1961, Shiojiri absorbed the village of Seba and the village of Narakawa in April 2005.


Shiojiri is a city famous for its Shinshu wine and lacquer tools. Narai-juku is currently a residential area with lacquer shops, ryokan (Japanese inns), restaurants, museums, shrines and more. A beautiful place that gives the feeling of having traveled in ancient Japan.


With a total city area of 289.98 km² and a population of 66.808 inhabitants, including about 1.465 foreign citizens. Of the resident foreigners, 223 Brazilians, 209 Chinese, 131 Koreans, 286 Philippines, 77 Vietnam, 50 Indonesia and others (prefecture data).


The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. September is the rainiest month. Temperatures are highest in August, reaching 25°C, and the lowest in January, reaching -1°C.

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