Miyoshigaoka Ryokuchi Observatory
Located inside Miyoshigaoka Ryokuchi Park.
Fall Festival
The festival is held every year on the first Sunday in October, at night the float is beautifully lit with over 200 paper lanterns.
Iijan Festival
A two-day Festival, on the first day the Iijan Festival (street festival) and on the second day the Oojouchin festival (Giant Lantern Festival), considered one of the best festivals in the region and to finish off a beautiful fireworks display.
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Miyoshi City │ みよし市

Miyoshi (みよし市) is a Japanese city located in the Province of Aichi, with a population of 60.901 inhab., including about 1.811 foreign citizens, being 61 Peruvians, 612 Brazilians, 129 Koreans, 415 Chinese, 292 Philippines, 176 Vietnam and others (Prefecture data) .

During 2003-2005, discussions were held to merge Miyoshi with Toyota City, but the merger proposal was not accepted by the majority of Miyoshi’s inhabitants. As a result, the merger did not take place and instead, Miyoshi was elevated to city status on January 4, 2010. With her change of status, Miyoshi changed the spelling of her kanji name (三好) to hiragana (みよし) .

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Miyoshi City

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