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Anjo (安市) is a city in Aichi Prefecture. It occupies an area of ​​86.05 km 2, with a population of 189.365 inhab., including about 7.688 foreigners, with approximately 2.133 Brazilians, 288 Koreans, 1.819 Philippines, 942 Chinese, 1.264 Vietnam and 1.078 of other nationalities.

Anjo is situated in the south of Aichi Prefecture, approximately 30 kilometers from downtown Nagoya (Capital). Anjo has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. Temperatures are highest in August, reaching around 27.7°C, and the lowest in January at around 4.4°C.

At the beginning of the Meiji period, on October 1, 1889, Anjo was part of a collection of organized villages in Hekikai District, Aichi Prefecture. At this time, the creation of the modern municipal system elevated the status of Anjo to Vila on May 1, 1906 and on May 5, 1952, Anjo was elevated to city status, and was established as the 13th mayor of the city.

The opening of the Meiji Irrigation Canal transformed the area in the 1920s and 1930s into one of the most agriculturally productive regions of the period, provoking a comparison with Denmark, then considered the most advanced agricultural nation in the world. This led the city of Anjo to the nickname “Denmark of Japan”, which remains in the form of DenPark, a Danish theme park located in Anjo.

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