Large Ginkgo Biloba tree at Chorakuji Temple

This beautiful and huge ginkgo tree is about 1100 years old, 28 meters high and the thickest part of the trunk is more than 8 meters long.

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With a population of 74.913 inhabitants, including approximately 1.947 foreign citizens, of which 158 are Brazilian, 11 American, 249 Chinese, 63 Korean, 268 Filipino, 290 Thai, 651 Vietnamese, 124 Indonesian and others…

Nakatsugawa City │ 中津川市

Nakatsugawa City is a city located in the Tono region of Gifu Province.


Blessed with crystal clear waters like the Tsukechi River and lush green mountains like Mount Ena, considered one of the 100 famous mountains in Japan.


Nourished by rich nature, cypresses and agricultural products are produced in Tono, there is also a chestnut production area. And it is the birthplace of the sweet chestnut paste that is pressed with a kitchen towel and looks like this, and many people visit in autumn to buy the chestnut sweet called Kurikinton (栗きんとん).


The city’s pride is the Naegi Castle Ruins, a mountain castle with spectacular views and situated on the right bank of the Kiso River, which flows east to west through the city.


The view from the viewpoint at the top is breathtaking, from autumn to winter, when the temperature varies, you can have a fantastic view of a sea of clouds.

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