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Higashi Koen & Zoo
The Higashi Okazaki park (east park of the city of Okazaki) is an excellent place to go with the family and enjoy animals and nature, as it has a free mini zoo and we can also take pictures with replicas of dinosaurs.
Minami Koen
Okazaki South Park is a very large park with a combination of amusement park where people can spend a wonderful day, traffic plaza, sports facilities such as swimming pool and tennis court.
Oni Matsuri
Oni Matsuri (Ogre Festival or Devil's Fire) is held every year in February (Saturday), an epic festival with wild dancing in the main hall of Takisanji Temple.

Okazaki City │ 岡崎市

Okazaki (岡崎市) is a Japanese city located in Aichi Prefecture. It was granted city status on July 1, 1916, with a population of 386.561, including about 10.679 foreign citizens, including 137 Peruvians, 3.425 Brazilians, 1.780 Philippines, 1.800 Chinese, 1.230 Koreans, 1.195 Vietnamese and others (data from Prefecture ).

The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. September is the rainiest month. Temperatures are highest in August at around 27°C, and lowest in January at around 4°C.

Okazaki is very famous for its fireworks, more than 70% of Japanese fireworks are designed and manufactured here in Okazaki. Okazaki has an extensive array of historic sites, museums and festivals.

Okazaki Attractions

Okazaki Events


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