Shizuoka is the capital of Shizuoka Prefecture, and is the second largest city after Hamamatsu City in terms of population and area. With an area of 1.373.85,10 km² and a population of 695.928 inhab., including about 10.964 foreign citizens, being 552 Brazilians, 113 Peruvians, 190 Americans, 13 Argentines, 21 Bolivians, 9 Paraguay, 2.223 Chinese, 1.330 Philippines, 1,268 Koreans, 164 Thai, 1,141 Vietnam, 266 Sri Lanka, 27 Mongolia, 472 Indonesia, 75 India, 616 Nepal, and others…

Shizuoka City │ 静岡市

Shizuoka is blessed with a warm climate and a rich natural environment from the Southern Alps in the north to Suruga Bay in the south. September is the rainiest month. Temperatures are highest in August, reaching around 39°C, and the lowest in January at -7°C.


It was granted city status in April 1889. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Shizuoka City has a vast urban area in the central part of Shizuoka Prefecture, but forests occupy nearly 80% of the city’s area, and the urban area is concentrated in the Shizuoka Plain, which occupies 8% of the city’s area. Therefore, most of the population is concentrated in urban areas, forming a dense city.


Shizuoka has developed as a central city in Japan. With various industries such as tea, sakura shrimp and plastic model and trade in Shimizu Port, which is the base of international trade, it plays an important role in the city’s economy. Furthermore, historic sites and buildings like the ruins of Toro and Kunoyama Toshogu are important assets not only in Motoichi but also in Japan.

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