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Komaki (小牧市) is a Japanese city located in the middle of the Nobi Plain, in central western Aichi Prefecture, north of the metropolis of Nagoya. The city’s skyline is dominated by Mount Komaki, topped by Komaki Castle and facing the Aisumagawa River, which flows into Kinuura Bay in the western part of the Nishimikawa Plain. Komaki received city status on January 1, 1955.

With a population of 152.814 inhabitants, including about 9.994 foreign citizens, 3.151 Brazilians, 820 Peruvians, 462 Bolivians, 1 Uruguay, 18 Paraguay, 23 Argentina, 16 Americans, 453 Koreans, 1.064 Chinese, 1.419 Philippines, 10 Mongolia, 255 Indonesia , 1.453 Vietnam, 104 Thailand, 42 Sri Lanka, 9 India and others (Prefecture data).

In 2006, the 18th year for Japan, the city welcomed Brazilian foreigners, with translators in government offices, clinics and information circulars in Portuguese and other languages.

It is estimated that around 9.990 foreigners live in the city, mostly Brazilians, followed by Peruvians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Russians and Bolivians.

The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. Temperatures are highest in August reaching around 28.1°C, and the lowest in January reaching a low of 4.2°C. September is the wettest month.

The economy of the city of Komaki is divided between industry (electronics, ceramics, automotive parts) and road transport, due to its strategic position with access to some of the main highways that connect the main economic regions of the country.

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