Mihama City │ 美 浜 町

Mihama (美 浜 町) is a Japanese city located in Chita District, Aichi Prefecture. With a population of 21.467 inhabitants, including about 335 foreign citizens and 55 Brazilians, 6 Americans, 90 Chinese, 39 Koreans, 20 Philippines, 80 Vietnam, 9 Indonesia and others.

In April 1955, Honmachi was established as the city of Mihama by merging the cities of Kowa and Noma. Then, in March of the same year, the Kaminoma district of Kosugaya City merged to become the current area of Mihama City, giving a total area of 46.20 square kilometers.

The climate is mild with an average annual temperature of 15.7°C. The month of September is the wettest month and temperatures are highest in August at around 28°C, and lowest in January at around 4°C.

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