Evaristo Omido

Evaristo Omido is a recognized Plastic Artist in Japan, born in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The history of plastic artist Evaristo in the arts started very early,…

Aichi Region Sightseeing

Minami Chita Beach Land Aquarium / Toy Kingdom Amusement Park

The Minami Chita Beach Land Aquarium, opened in 1980, located in the Aichi region of Mihama, is composed of an aquarium with interactive events and an amusement park where children…

Shizuoka Region Sightseeing

Sengen Waterfall

Photographer/Hashiguti Augusto Sengen Waterfall is located at Takizawa Camp in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka. A beautiful and calm river for children, you can also camp and barbecue, parking place. A good…

Gifu Region Sightseeing

Yoro Waterfall

At 1.200 meters from the Yoro Park parking lot there is a famous waterfall, 30 meters high and about 4 meters wide. Known by literature and selected as one of…

Culture Japanese

Jokoro – Incense Burner

Jokoro(じょうころ)means incense burner, in Temples or Shrines it is used to put incense on altars, there is also a large incense burner between the main hall and the Portal. Jokoro…

Free Japanese Course

Viva Okazaki

Okazaki Foreigners Support Center Volunteer group: To help foreigners to have better communication and coexistence with the Japanese. Free Activities: Japanese classes for adults.Japanese classes for children.Support classes for school…

Remedies Guide

Alesion 20 「ア レ ジ オ ン 20」 – Allergy Remedy

Alesion 20 is a nasal medicine for allergies caused by pollen and dust. Recommended for Those who suffer from painful allergic nasal inflammation caused by pollen, household dust, etc. Those…

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