Kita Enterprises and Associates

Company founded in 5/2005 in the city of Joso Mitsukaido at the service of the Brazilian and foreign community. Business Phone: 0297-22-3094 Contact Phone: 090-8159-4598 Ibaraki-ken Joso-shi Takamachi Mitsukaido 2861-2…

Aichi Region Sightseeing

Kuragari Valley – Kuragari keikoku

The Kuragari Valley (く ら が り 渓 谷) is located in Okazaki City, Aichi. It is a camping site where in spring you can enjoy the fresh air and…

Shizuoka Region Sightseeing

Rose Garden – Bara no Miyako-en

The true love story of two lovers, moving that gave rise to a large rose garden in the city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. A fairy tale that enchants visitors who come…

Gifu Region Sightseeing

Yoro Waterfall

At 1.200 meters from the Yoro Park parking lot there is a famous waterfall, 30 meters high and about 4 meters wide. Known by literature and selected as one of…

Culture Japanese

ii fuufu no hi – Happy Couples Day

November 22 (11/22) is a special day in Japan, as it is celebrated as the ¨good day of couples¨ (ii fuffu no hi – い い 夫婦 の 日). What…

Free Japanese Course

Viva Okazaki

Okazaki Foreigners Support Center Volunteer group: To help foreigners to have better communication and coexistence with the Japanese. Free Activities: Japanese classes for adults.Japanese classes for children.Support classes for school…

Remedies Guide

Alesion 20 「ア レ ジ オ ン 20」 – Allergy Remedy

Alesion 20 is a nasal medicine for allergies caused by pollen and dust. Recommended for Those who suffer from painful allergic nasal inflammation caused by pollen, household dust, etc. Those…

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