Otome Waterfall「乙女滝」

Chino (茅野市) is a Japanese city located in a mountainous area in Nagano Prefecture. At an altitude of 801 meters, it is therefore the highest city in Japan. With notable mountains such as Mount Yatsugatake, Mount Tateshina and Mount Kirigamine, the mountains accumulate heavy snow in winter. The Tateshina Mountains are a popular destination for tourism.


With a total city area of 266.59 km² and a population of 55.137 inhabitants, including about 900 foreign citizens. Being 99 Brazilians, 154 Chinese, 148 Philippines, 95 Koreans and others (data from the prefecture).


The area of present-day Chino City was part of the former Shinano Prefecture and in April 1889 Eimei Village in Suwa District was established by the creation of the municipal system. It was elevated to village status and renamed Chino in May 1948. In February 1955, the city of Chino annexed the neighboring villages of Miyakawa, Kanzawa, Tamagawa, Toyohira, Azumino, Kitayama, Kohigashi, and Yonezawa. Chino was elevated to city status in August 1958.


The highest temperatures in the city are in August, reaching 24°C, and the lowest in January, reaching -2°C.

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  • Otome Waterfall


    Otome Waterfall「乙女滝」is located at the entrance of Yokotani Valley in Chino City, Nagano. The Otome waterfall is an artificial waterfall that built into an irrigation canal during the Edo period. …

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