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Toin Town │ 東員町

Toin (東員町) is a city belonging to Inabe District with an area of 22.66 square kilometers and is located in the northern part of Mie Province.


With a population of 25,784 inhabitants, including around 753 foreign citizens, of which 216 are Brazilian, 64 Chinese, 59 Korean, 22 Peruvian, 11 Filipino, 11 Vietnamese, 5 American, 3 Thai, and others…


With the implementation of the system in 1899, the town continued as a rural village; when the Law on Promoting the Merger of Cities and Towns was enacted in November 1955, Inabe County was removed and the three villages Kanda, Inabe and Ocho were merged to become the village of Toin and in February 1950, incorporated Nakagami, Kume District, and implemented the municipal system in April 1962, in 1967 the city of Toin was born with the municipal system enacted, which continues to this day.

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