Festival Hagiwara Chindon
Chindon Festival is a parade of Japanese performers, performers parade along Ichinomiya's Hagiwara shopping street.
Tower Lighting 138
The year-end lighting features more than 500,000 lamps to decorate the entire park and the 138-meter tower. It is considered one of the best public parks in Japan and the tallest Arch tower in Asia.
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Ichinomiya City │ 一 宮 市

Ichinomiya (一 宮 市) is a Japanese city located in Aichi Provincie. With a population of 384.667, including about 6.874 foreign nationals and 322 Brazilians, 83 Peruvians, 1.662 Filipinos, 1.557 Chinese, 1.203 Vietnam, 976 Koreans, 114 Indonesia, 61 Sri Lankan, 55 Thai, 55 Americans, 5 Canada, 34 India , 5 Mongolia, 4 Iran, 4 Mexico, 1 Bolivian and others (City Hall data).

The city is sometimes called Owari-Ichinomiya to avoid confusion with other municipalities of the same name, including Ichinomiya (part of Toyokawa City), Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture.

The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. September is considered the wettest month. Temperatures are highest in August at around 28.1°C and lowest in January at around 4.2°C.

Ichinomiya was elevated to city status on September 1, 1921. The city annexed the neighboring villages of Haguri and Nishinari in 1940 and with eight more neighboring municipalities (the villages of Chiaki, Tanyo and Kitakata and the cities of Asai, Yamato, Akiwara , Oku and a portion of Imaise) in 1955.

In April 2005, the city was expanded further, absorbing Bisai City and Kisogawa City (of Haguri District), which made it the fourth largest in Aichi Prefecture after NagoyaToyota, and Toyohashi.

The meaning of the word Ichinomiya is ¨first shrine¨ and the very important Masumida Shrine was the main shrine of Owari Prefecture (Aichi).

Ichinomiya also has the famous 138 Tower Park (Ichinomiya Park Tower 138).

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