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Nagano (長野市) is the capital and largest city of Nagano Prefecture. Nagano City is the highest capital in Japan with an altitude of 371.4 meters. The city is surrounded by mountains, the Sai River and the Chikuma River, which is the longest and widest river in Japan. Nagano was elevated to city status in April 1897.


With a total city area of 834.81 km² and a population of 374.449 inhabitants, including about 3.930 foreign citizens, 110 Brazilians, 75 Americans, 1,570 Chinese, 540 Koreans, 363 Philippines, 545 Vietnam, 249 Thai, 39 Indonesia, 35 Sri Lanka and others (City Hall data).


Nagano has a humid hot summer continental climate. The city receives heavy snow in winter (from December to March), totaling 2.6 meters. Temperatures are highest in August, reaching 31°C, and the lowest in January, reaching -4.5°C.


Nagano developed from the Nara period as a temple city to the famous Zenko-ji gate, one of the most popular temples in Japan. The city’s borders were first extended in July 1923, with the annexation of the nearby city of Yoshida and the villages of Sarita, Miwa and Komaki. The city expanded again in April 1954, annexing neighboring villages of Asahi, Furusato, Yanagihara, Wakatsuki, Asakawa, Naganuma, Amori, Odagiri, Imoi, and Mamejima.


And in October 1966, the city expanded again by annexing the neighboring cities of Kawanakajima, Matsushiro and Wakaho and the villages of Shinonoi, Kohoku, Shinko and Naniai and continued to expand in January 2005 with the annexation of Toyono and the village of Togakushi, Kinasa and Ooka. Expanding again in January 2010, annexing Shinshushinmachi City and Nakajo Village.


The city of Nagano has become an important historic site as well as a tourist destination with numerous sights, including Japanese onsen baths, snow monkeys in Yamanouchi, and the Ski Resorts in Hakuba and Nozawaonsen.

The forested mountains (Togakushi area) attract many tourists with its popular shrines and the legendary home of the Togakure Ninja School, Togakushi Ninpo Museum and Kids Ninja, which means the place offers good entertainment and a glimpse into the area’s ninja past.

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  • Shidareguri Observatory (しだれ栗展望台), located in Nagano City, with an altitude of 1.120 meters. From the observatory, we have a wonderful panoramic view of Lake Suwa, Yatsugatake, Kirigamine and the Northern …

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