Tsukimidai Observatory

With 200 meters of altitude, it offers a breathtaking view of 180 degrees during the day and especially at night and is located inside the Tsukimi no Mori Park and is considered one of the 100 best places to observe the moon.

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Kaizu has a population of 33.966 inhabitants, including about 875 foreign nationals, 69 Brazilians, 235 Chinese, 22 Koreans, 276 Vietnamese, 43 Philippines, 6 Nepali, 16 Indonesian, 9 Thai and others (City Hall data).

Kaizu City │ 海津市

Kaizu (海津市) is a Japanese city located in Gifu Prefecture. Kaizu City was founded in January 1954 by the merger of Takasu with four neighboring villages. The modern city of Kaizu was founded on March 28, 2005, from the merger of the ancient city of Kaizu, absorbing the cities of Hirata and Nanno.


The city has a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. September is considered the wettest month. Temperatures are highest in August reaching 28°C, and the lowest in January reaching 4°C.

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