Iida (飯田市) is a Japanese city located in Nagano Province, with the Southern Alps in the East, the Central Alps in the West and the upper valley of Japan with the Tenryu River running from north to south, abundant nature, excellent scenery and excellent changes in the four seasons. With a total city area of 658.66 km², an altitude of 3.013m and a population of 99.826 inhabitants, including about 2.549 foreign citizens, 769 Brazilians, 22 Peruvians, 16 Americans, 1,088 Chinese, 420 Philippines, 108 Koreans, 39 Thais and others…


The area of present-day Iida City was part of the former Shinano Prefecture and was elevated to city status in April 1937. Iida escaped the bombings that damaged many other Japanese cities during World War II, however, most of the downtown Iida was destroyed by a massive fire that swept through the central part of the city two years after the war ended in 1947.


In September 1956 the city limits were expanded by annexing the neighboring villages of Zakoji, Matsuo, Tatsuoka, Miho, Igara, Yamamoto and Shimohizakata, followed by Kawaji in March 1961, Chiyo, Tatsue and Kamihizakata in March 1964, and the Kanae City in December 1984, Kamisato in July 1993 and Kami and Minamishinano in October 2005.


Iida has a humid subtropical climate with very hot summers and very cold winters. September as the rainiest month. Temperatures are highest in August at around 30°C, and in January the lowest can reach around -5°C.

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