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Married Rocks

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Meoto Iwa are two rocks in the Futami Sea in Mie-ken in Ise City. The two rocks are the symbol of marriage for the Shinto religion and are dubbed the extremely popular “married rocks” as couples come from all over Japan to pray before the two deities in hopes that their marriage will be as strong and lasting.

Meoto means couple.

The two rocks represent the man and the woman: the large rock nine meters high and a circumference of about 40 meters is a man (husband) named Izanagi, Izanagi has a small Torii Shinto gate and to his right is the “wife ” from three meters, Izanami.
The two rocks are connected by a sacred rope, made of braided rice stalks called shimenawa, 35 meters long. The ropes weigh almost a ton and are replaced in a special ceremony held three times a year, in May, September and December.

These rocks serve as gateways to the sunrise.

You can watch the sunrise between these two rocks at 4:30 am between May and July. If you’re lucky, you might see Mount Fuji on a clear summer day in June. In addition, from October to December, you can observe the moon between the rocks.

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