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Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center

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Kawaguchiko Nature Living Center is a popular tourist spot across Japan. Is located in Oishi Park along the north shore of Lake Kawaguchi, a famous photo spot on the shores of the Lake in front of Mount Fuji, where we can enjoy the flower path.

You can see various types of flowers blooming (lavender and others) along the Lake Kawaguchi boardwalk. It became famous as a scenic spot for Mount Fuji.

Lavender begins to bloom in late June and can be enjoyed until mid-July. The lake and Mount Fuji landscape with lavender is unique to Oishi Park.

The restaurant sells Mount Fuji souvenirs and gifts, traditional Yamanashi handicrafts, artisanal blueberry jam and blueberry ice cream. You will have a coffee or eat with a wonderful view of Mount Fuji.

A large collection of tasty ice cream, called Oishi Soft Cream Base


Location: Fujikawaguchiko City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Hours: from 9:00 to 17:30

Parking: Free (50 spaces)

Yamanashi Minamitsuru District Fujikawaguchiko Oishi 2585

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