A Brazilian and a Paraguayan arrested for stealing solar power cables in Hamamatsu


The police arrested two men on suspicion of theft of a power transmission cable, about 700 meters, worth 1.5 million yen, from a Hamamatsu solar generation facility.

The two are 26-year-old Anderson Lima Takada (Brazilian) and 35-year-old Joel Itourios Kiyoshi (Paraguayan), both of whom live in Hamamatsu.

According to the police, the two stole a 700 meter power transmission cable and a market value of 1.5 million yen from a solar power generation facility in Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City, end of October last year.

The cable is about 7 to 8 diameter in diameter and made of copper, and the two cut it for easy transport during theft. One meter of this material can cost about 2,000 yen.

The two were accused of stealing about 100 meters of cable from the same solar plant in December.

According to the police, about 30 similar damages were confirmed in Shizuoka Prefecture, causing a loss of several million yen, the police did not reveal whether the two admitted as charges. The police are still investigating, as they think there are others involved besides the two.

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