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Tokugawa Park

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Tokugawa Park is a beautiful Japanese landscape garden with a large lake in the center, but the park was destroyed during World War II and only opened as a Japanese garden again in 2004. Located in Nagoya City, Aichi-ken.

It is the dominant style of major daimyo gardens during the Edo period. The sight of a clear stream flowing from the waterfall through the ravine to the lake that features an ocean symbolically condenses the landscape of Japanese nature.

Around it are waterfalls, trails, tea houses and bridges. Seasonal flowers include Japanese apricot, peony, iris, maple and others.

The best time to visit the park

Spring: super charming.

Mid to late April: This is the best time to see peonies.

Late May to early June: This is the best time to see Japanese irises.

Late November: Autumn leaves bloom.


Tokugawa Garden (Tokugawaen) was established in 1695 as a retirement home for Mitsutomo, lord of the Owari Tokugawa. Originally, the garden was 44 hectares and the lake was big enough to accommodate a 16-oar boat.

The large Ryusenko Lake forms the centerpiece of the garden, which is also known for its dramatic waterfalls, perfectly placed rock formations, delicate wooden bridges, a samurai teahouse, restaurant, and its peonies and irises.

Visitors can enter through the wooden Kuro-mon (Black Gate), which survived American bombing during World War II and dates to the 1900s.

After Mitsutomo’s death, the garden was handed over to the families of Owari Tokugawa’s main retainers, the Ichiko, Naruse, and Watabane clans.

The Tokugawa Garden was destroyed in World War II and was only opened as a Japanese garden again in 2004.

The park contains many different species of plants. These include black pines, cherry trees, maples, irises and peonies.

The two-story Kansenro serves as a restaurant, shop and auditorium. Can be hired for wedding receptions.

Tokugawa Park can be visited all year round, but the best time is in spring and autumn.

Hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, closed on Mondays.
Admission: Adults 300 yen, children free.
Phone: 052-935-8988

Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Higashi-ku Tikugawa-cho 1001

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