Work accident

What happens to my salary if I have an accident at work?

In the event of an accident or treatment due to a disaster while at work or on the way to work, this compensation for accidents at work is determined by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Act and is paid by workers’ compensation insurance.

It is a system to ensure that workers can receive compensation in the event of injury, illness, disability or death due to unforeseen circumstances.

Payment requirements:

  • Treatment of illness (injury caused by work);
  • Return route between the worker’s residence and the workplace;
  • Moving from one workplace to another workplace;
  • Unable to work because he is undergoing medical treatment;
  • Lack of payment because he cannot work yet;
  • The waiting period (3 days) has expired.

If you are out of work due to an injury or illness at work, you will receive leave from work and pay from the fourth day. From the first day of the leave until the third day is called the waiting period, the compensation for the leave of this period, based on the Labor Laws, will be paid by the employer (60% of the average salary per day), plus up to 20% of the special payment of the days off duty.

What is the basic daily value of the benefit:

The calculation is made on the basis of the last three wages paid to the worker, divided by the number of days during the three months preceding the day of the accident (the day the doctor’s diagnosis was given), including overtime pay.

Example calculation:

If the last three payments correspond to a salary of 250.000 yen.

  • 250,000 × 3 = 750,000
  • Divided (÷) by 92 days = 8.153 yen (daily value)
  • 8.153×60% = 4.891 yen (daily benefit value of 60%)
  • 8.153×20% = 1.630 yen (20% special payment daily value)
  • The total amount of 6.521 yen will be awarded, which corresponds to 80% of the basic daily benefit amount for one day of absence.

※ According to the law, it is prohibited to fire the worker during the period of absence from work for being in medical treatment due to injury and / or illness resulting from an accident at work and for this reason he cannot go to work and also because 30 days after this period.

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