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Park Enreionodachi Observatory 「Fujimidai」

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Enreionodachi Park (塩嶺御野立公園) in addition to being famous for its autumn leaves is famous for its Observatory, an observatory where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Suwa, Mount Yatsugatake, Mount Fuji and the Northern Alps (we can see the three highest peaks in Japan).

The observatory is known by two names, Enreionodachikouen Observatory or Fujimidai Observatory, and it was selected as one of the 100 best Fujimi views in the Kanto region and is the only place where you can see these three famous mountains.

The Observatory is located in Shiojiri City in Nagano Prefecture, within Enreionodachi Park. The park is located in Okaya City, and its total area extends to Shiojiri City.

The Park and Observatory in autumn become a meeting point for autumn leaves, attracting many visitors.

Night Vision

Parking: Free (capacity for 20 cars)

富士見台展望台 Nagaho-ken Shiojiri-shi Kakizawa 780-1

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