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Harayuranen – Grape and Pear Hunting

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Budou Gari means Grape Hunt in Japanese, which means you can pick from the orchard and eat various types of grapes.

Harayuranen (ハラユウランエン – 原遊覧園) is a Budou Gari (grape hunts), an orchard where you can harvest your own grapes, a variety of grapes and the famous Niagara region grape. In this Boudou Gari there is a variety of pears that you can also eat at will. Depending on the season, there are apples.

Niagara Grape, is a green grape characterized by its sweetness and unique smell, the bunch weighs 200 to 350 grams and the size of each grape is 2 cm in diameter, it is a specialty of Kikyogahara in Shiojiri City, Nagano.

Niagara grapes are rare on the market due to their thin skin, Niagara is the correct name, but it is also called Naiyagara.

History of Niagara Grapes

It started to be cultivated in Kikyogahara in 1897. After that, at the beginning of the Showa era, when wine grapes started to be cultivated in Shiojiri city, because the Kikyogahara area is extremely cold in winter, and European grapes died due to cold.

Therefore, cold-resistant and disease-resistant Niagara were cultivated for over 100 years as raw food and raw material for white wine and juice, and became Kikyogahara’s representative in Shiojiri city.

  • Hours: 9:00 to 16:30 (depending on the month until 18:00)

  • Adult Fee: 550 yen

  • Seniors from 65 years old: 400 yen

  • Children: 350 yen

  • Under 3 years old: 250 yen

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