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  1. I do not recommend! In my daughter’s mouth they overwintered a cavity in a totally healthy tooth without any stains, white as snow, just to make money! If I hadn’t asked to see them, they would have opened a hole, that is, mutilated my daughter’s teeth unnecessarily! They are unreliable!

  2. In addition to taking a long time to finish the orthodontic treatment, every appointment was an excessive delay, without further explanation for those who are waiting. In addition to the professional being of dubious education.

  3. I do not recommend! I had orthodontic treatment for 5 years and I noticed a lot of mistakes, delays and lack of commitment. Does not complete the treatment, because I saw a will

  4. The service was horrible!!!! Appointment for 10:00 I was served well after hours, super crowded!!!! The woman (Brazilian) who attended to me was all busy and in the rush she didn’t examine me properly or even prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, because I had an inflamed tooth and she was already saying that if I wanted to have my tooth pulled on the same day, I I said no!!! I went home and in the same week I consulted with another dentist who solved my problem that was simple, I didn’t even have to pull the tooth!!! Now I wonder if I had let that butcher pull my tooth out!!!!!! I’m super angry and the other people who have been through this clinic that surely must have happened the same thing that happened to me !!!!! There’s a warning for you guys!!!!


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