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Nagai Commentary – Owariasahi

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  1. Tem tradutores

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  1. Terrible, here’s a warning for you guys!!!!

  2. my boyfriend went to this dentist, for the love of God, I told him never to go again.

  3. Unfortunately you can’t wait too long, dentists in Japan are all the same and anyone who’s been there already knows how it works! It takes forever to get a tooth done and to have it cleaned you have to go 6 times!!! Most people come from far away and they should improve this part of the service… the difference is that there is a translator and they won’t “shit” too much on your teeth, even so, be careful. There is a very unfriendly attendant, the others are very attentive. I don’t recommend it, only for emergencies.

  4. The interpreters are excellent, but the dentist leaves something to be desired. The service is poorly done, he does everything rushing to attend to other patients, time and money wasted. I looked for another professional and he had to redo the entire service. It took more than 6 months on a single tooth that he didn’t even finish while the other dentist did it in less than 1 month. I do not recommend.

  5. I called to say that I was in pain, I waited for some type of procedure and he simply prescribed medicine and just looked at his mouth ugh it cost 4 thousand.

  6. 最悪な歯医者☆を1つ以上付けないと投稿できないためやむを得ず1つ付けたが. 治療に時間がかかりすぎる!2ヶ月で終わるって言われてたけどまだ終わりが見えないまま. 診察の日先生が診ることもなく歯科衛生士さんだけで終わってしまう日もある. そんな歯医者は初めてだ. 治療計画の説明がしっかりないのでだんだん不安にもなる. 治療経過や今後の計画の説明もしてほしい. 本当にここの歯科医はどうなってるのか. だからやめて他の歯医者に移りました. この話をしたら有り得ないねと言っていた…… 定期検診やちょっと歯石をとってもらうくらいなら有りかもしれませんが大事な治療をする際は要注意かもしれません. 他の口コミにもあるように技量の問題がありそうです
  7. Orthodontics took 5 and a half years. Before it was finished, it was said that it would be finished in two years, and I went every month month by month, but it took five and a half years. The only good thing about the dentist here is that there is a Brazilian interpreter. But the dentist’s skill is very bad. He just wants a lot of customers. My mother also had a heart problem, sick because of the equipment she uses there. She’s a dangerous dentist and I’m never going back there again. A simple neighborhood dentist has more skills and techniques than him.

  8. We barely see the dentist, he just wants to make money, he lets the interpreter (assistant) do everything, he doesn’t do anything himself. I looked for another dentist without a translator, he saw me every day, so you have your treatment with the dentist (professional). He puts in several chairs and left the assistants attending and he still charges a lot.

  9. Service is good but twice I had the crown placed in less than a year it fell off!! And it’s always crowded!!
  10. The first time was good but then…, never again

  11. Wow, how can you treat people like that, it could only be Japanese, and the bras kiss ass…

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