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Foreigners Pula da Cachoeira Joren, UNBELIEVABLE

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Source: SATV

Japan Guide 2023/06/20

Two foreigners jump into the Joren Waterfall of Izu City on the 17th of this month, a foreigner jumps from above, a dangerous act 25 meters high and compared to an 8-story building.

The other foreigner with a camera in hand jumps off the rock screaming into the waterfall basin.

Director Kazuhisa, representative of the Joren Waterfall Tourist Center, doesn’t know how the foreigner climbed and reached the top of the waterfall, a closed forest, restricted and forbidden. Jumping from above is dangerous and could get hurt or shocked, and the two jumped from a prohibited and out-of-bounds location.

On the 20th, the mayor of Izu City also mentioned this dangerous act. Mayor Yutaka Kikuchi said: The waterfall basin is a very dangerous place, which means there is danger to life.

The Joren Waterfall is a famous tourist spot and much visited by foreigners, with a height of 25 meters and a monument of a poem sung in the lyrics of Sayuri Ishikawa’s great success “Amagi Goe”.

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